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Mature content
Aiko: Raisin Man :icongekkewekke:GekkeWekke 1 0
Aiko: Making New Friends
Devius looked around him, he saw some pedestrians and a guy with a bike standing around.
Dev: 'Look, I know you wanna kick my ass. But I'm not gonna let you, because I have some more important business to attend.'
Carlson's father gave him a push.
Dev: 'Well, if you insist.'
He kicked his opponent so hard between the legs, the man's feet left the ground.
While his opponent was still in the air, he kicked the man in his left thigh with his left leg.
He flew towards a rock, but it seemed he was about to miss it by flying over it.
The rock had the size of an adult's upper body in height and width. The top was blunt and more or less round.
Devius made a few jumps. He then hit the man's back with his clenched fists, so he landed with his stomach on the rock.
The man was hurt and drooling over the side of the rock.
Devius lifted his head by grabbing him by the hair. 'Do us both a favor: Never embarrass yourself like that again.' He silently told his defeated opponent.
Devius let him suffer o
:icongekkewekke:GekkeWekke 2 0
Aiko: Dirty Jenkins
Devius and Aiko were walking alongside the Sunny Side River. On their way to Sun Side City.
The river is quite long and runs through the city. It's also close to Amis, the village where Aiko lives.
Dev: 'Why did I decide to come with you?' He said nervously.
He stopped walking. 'Maybe I should just go back, kid.'
Aiko: 'I know you don't like cities. With all the people, the noise, and all at.
But if you want to learn how to live on Earth, you have to become immune to cities. It's just... different.'
Dev: 'Why?'
Aiko: 'Weren't you the one that hated all the why-questions?'
Dev: 'Nah. I just hate kids.'
Aiko continued walking. 'Come on you cry baby.'
The boy lowered his pace, Devius walked faster.
Aiko: 'Let's talk about something.'
Dev: 'The fact that I'm an ass, that says 'yes' way too fast?'
Aiko: 'No. I want to talk about something like... God.'
Dev: 'What about him?'
Aiko: 'Do you believe in him?'
Dev: 'I do believe in a God, yes, but it's tricky.'
Aiko saw that his alien friend was
:icongekkewekke:GekkeWekke 2 0
Aiko: This isn't Over (2)
Devius was sitting on the dark brown, wooden bench that was next to the front door of Riku's house.
Aiko was sitting somewhat further, on top of a rock that was bigger than him.
He had his arms around his bend knees. His back turned towards Devius.
Devius looked towards him. 'Hey kid...'
When there was no reaction, Devius stood up and walked towards him.
He softly grabbed the boy's shoulder. 'Kid!'
Aiko moved his shoulder forwards. 'What?' He asked while still not facing Devius.
Dev: 'I have some good news.'
Still no reaction.
Dev: 'You're a stubborn little fu...' Before he finished his sentence, Devius looked towards the house and saw Riku staring out the window.
'Funny guy, aren't you?'
Aiko looked him in the face. 'That doesn't make any sense...'
Dev: 'It will... It will...
The good news is that a friend of mine is coming to Earth!
Well, friend... He's more like my puppet... It's kinda complicated...'
Aiko was looking at him in a confused, still mad way.
Dev: 'Anyway he's coming to
:icongekkewekke:GekkeWekke 1 0
Aiko: This isn't Over (1)
Aiko was inside his grandfather Riku's house. The house where he also lives since his parents died.
The old man was sleeping, which he did a lot since he got sick.
There was a knock on the door.
Aiko rushed towards it, because he didn't want the noise to wake up his grandfather.
He saw a few kids from his school: Carlson, Jimmy, Gaston and little Mary.
Carlson is a bit older than Aiko. He is 12, but turns 13 later this year.
He's still in Aiko's school because he has failed the last grade of primary school.
He's that chubby kid that always has to know everything better, always has to be the best in everything, most of the time wears dirty, white socks,...
Jimmy is 11. He wears a cap that he thinks is incredibly cool.
Gaston is 9. He's that younger friend that wants to be cool by hanging out with older kids.
Little Mary is 4. She's the younger sister of Gaston. She had a pacifier with her.
Aiko: 'Can't you just text me like normal people?' He asked rhetorically and a bit annoyed.
:icongekkewekke:GekkeWekke 1 0
Mature content
(Renewed) Aiko: You, Me and the World We See :icongekkewekke:GekkeWekke 1 0
Because our lives would be boring without him.
Life is just too short, that's why all the kids are yelling: 'YOLO!'
I thought if I can reach 'em, I can teach 'em!
That was just a 'no, no'.
Back to the basic life, cause money is earned, it doesn't grow, bro.
Unless you're 'el Patron', that is fucking Pablo!
So don't talk about the lone wolf or the black sheep.
Devius is the one and only.
Don't act like you ever had my kind of original idea.
Fuck family, friends,... There's only one place on the throne, me.
Now I penetrate your belief and faith, cause I am a renegade.
I'm the one you love, but at the same time hate.
And if you never cared, that's also fucking great!
So... When reading the serious, emotional, whatever the fuck stuff-
Did you really think that I lose sleep over these lost sheep?
Undead's king forever.
'But who's the leader?'
Bitch, Nether.
It's a brotherhood, so who gives a fuck?
Whole my life, matrix style, stupid questions I try to duck.
All these things that the
:icongekkewekke:GekkeWekke 1 0
Linkin Park Style
Laying awake at night, and I wonder why, is this life?
Positive, the way we live, even when it's brief.
Only God can forgive.
Random flashbacks keep coming back to me, it's all I can see, was this supposed to be?
Yesterday, I heard you say, you want to break down and cry...
You are also far from okay.
How can I lose this hate, when I hold on to these grudges?
He or she who shouldn't throw a stone, will be the first who judges.
:icongekkewekke:GekkeWekke 4 5
Everybody tries to explain me, who is who and what is what.
I do not understand, I do not get the plan, my facial expression is just blank.
All of them tell me their story.
I try/tried to tell mine, but why should they worry?
I'm overthinking, for a non-drinker I'm probably overdrinking.
Combined with a bit of Mary Jane, to take these wicked thoughts away.
They might not understand my respect for my brothers, but you know...
Through good, through bad, we grow.
What else is out there?
People seem nice?
At what price?
I feel no love once I see passed those lies...
:icongekkewekke:GekkeWekke 3 0
Mature content
Only Undead lives on: Rebel Without a Cost :icongekkewekke:GekkeWekke 1 0
Mature content
Only Undead lives on: Army Edition :icongekkewekke:GekkeWekke 1 2
I'm a dog person but these days I want a cat.
Cause all these motherfuckers out there are rats!
Everybody tries to explain me, who is who and what is what.
I do not understand, I do not get the plan, my facial expression is just blank.
All of them tell me their story.
I try/tried to tell mine, but why should they worry?
I'm overthinking, for a non-drinker I'm probably overdrinking.
Combined with a bit of Mary Jane, to take these wicked thoughts away.
They might not understand my respect for Undead, but you know...
It's one of the few things I see has potential to grow.
What else is out there?
People seem nice?
At what price?
I feel no love once I see passed those lies...
:icongekkewekke:GekkeWekke 1 0
We were so different, yet so alike.
God gave you another chance to become happy.
Now where is mine?
:icongekkewekke:GekkeWekke 2 0
Mature content
Devicious (Not Your Savior) :icongekkewekke:GekkeWekke 2 1
Mature content
Blood of an Infant 2 :icongekkewekke:GekkeWekke 0 0
Laugh (clean)
I laugh at people who talk behind my back.
I laugh at you and your ex.
I laugh just 'cause I like to laugh.
I laugh to hide the fact I'm depressed.
I laugh with the jokes of people I don't really like.
Call me a hypocrite, but sometimes laughing is just the easiest way to deal with it.
I don't laugh until I cry.
'Cause seeing my own tears makes me wanna say my final goodbye.
I laugh at the fact I used to think I was so smart.
I laugh when the end is so different from the start.
I laugh at things I shouldn't laugh at.
I laugh, but mostly feel bad.
:icongekkewekke:GekkeWekke 3 0


Is There Peace Beyond The Rage?
Finally, the war is over.
The battle is done, but maybe the prices were too high.
I'm trying to recover, trying to make it a better place.
But the rubble keeps falling, pushing me back down.
Why? I thought i was fighting to keep my home.
And even after the battle, i keep fighting, when will it stop?
I thought we we're done with this, i thought i could finally be relieved.
It just doesn't end, the frustration and the anguish, the rage...
Scraping and working just to get by.
And it's all because of you...
Because of your greed, your gluttony.
You had to make sure you took everything before you we're done.
And you almost succeeded.
But even YOU will have a price to pay.
I will make sure that you'll pay, dearly...
maybe there never will be peace beyond the rage.
but at this moment, rage is all i have left
:iconsumersela:sumersela 1 0
Lycanroc Dusk by sandara Lycanroc Dusk :iconsandara:sandara 4,813 140 Cat fight by maskman626 Cat fight :iconmaskman626:maskman626 5,574 598 Hour Of Destruction by sandara Hour Of Destruction :iconsandara:sandara 5,840 191 Flood by sandara Flood :iconsandara:sandara 6,889 184 Lions by sandara Lions :iconsandara:sandara 4,645 173
Mature content
The Monster Of My Story :iconsumersela:sumersela 4 3
Crown and wizard by sandara Crown and wizard :iconsandara:sandara 3,604 86 Undertale - The Last Reset by TC-96 Undertale - The Last Reset :icontc-96:TC-96 5,481 583
Days Like These
you know, somebody asked me a while back
"are you truly happy with your life?"
and i said that sometimes i was, sometimes i'm not
but, days like these, remind me that it was a lie
my own lies we're too convincing to realise the difference
between what i should feel and what i do feel
i don't care much for pity, that's not why i write the things i write
it's more like a vent you know? somewhere to release my frustration
without hurting those around me
but as of late, i'm feeling like it isn't enough
i'm holding back way to much
biting my tongue to prevent discussions or unwanted fights
i can't keep going on like this, nor should i
distancing myself from those around me isn't necessarily better
but for now, maybe distance will keep my anger at bay
:iconsumersela:sumersela 4 0
Mature content
The Disease We Call Money :iconsumersela:sumersela 2 2
Mature content
Undead Origins: Soul Stealer :iconsumersela:sumersela 1 0
Mature content
Undead War EP 24 : A Troubled Past :iconsumersela:sumersela 1 0
Mature content
Undead Origins: Devius The Dark :iconsumersela:sumersela 1 0
Water siren by sakimichan Water siren :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 19,789 581 Harley Quinn by SourAcid Harley Quinn :iconsouracid:SourAcid 6,024 108
I've given 'Aiko' (…) a second chance.
'Oh yeah! The one with the kid and Devius in it.'
'The one with the 28 planets like Earth.'
Yeah, yeah, yeah! Forget that for a moment, okay?!
I'm gonna do it different this time: - It isn't that kid friendly anymore: It's a bit more violent and there are swear words this time.
                                               - Devius isn't human in this one.
And so on and so on...
I'm not all gonna do it in points. As soon as I said: 'Devius isn't human anymore', you should have got it, that it's something completely different. More or less...
I had a lot of ideas for the first edition, but I didn't have the urge to all write it out. Because when I was reading the 2 episodes that I wrote, it seemed like I had A LOT of explaining to do in them. And that were only the 2 first ones. Not that every episode would have been like that, but trust me there was still a lot of explaining to do, if I wanted to get all my ideas across.
In this version (which I will keep up, hopefully) it will all explain itself a bit.
Just imagine a universe where humans/Earthlings are sure that there is extraterrestrial life. And that extraterrestrial life visits Earth and other planets. As do humans.
Well, visiting or in some cases even move to another planet (like Earth for example, etc.). Just see it as moving to another country, but on a bigger scale.
I guess the rest that you gotta know will be explained in the episodes. If not, I'll make an extra journal.

What might be an important note: This Devius has nothing to do with the Devius in the Undead stories.
He looks nothing like the one in the Undead. He might have the same personality a bit though.
But like I already said before, Devius is just a cool name. And what I might have to thank the Undead stories for, is that the name Devius fits this kind of personality very good (the personality of Devius in 'Aiko').
'Soo... This has nothing to do with Undead..?'
Nope. Nothing.
But if you look closely you might find some Undead references, modafuckaz!
You know that's just me...
I said "some" though... This ain't a goddamn egg hunt on easter!
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